Travis Nelson

Design and Product Leader

I have spent over a decade working with Seed to Series B startups on product and design across industries including scientific hardware, crypto, and AI. I focus on design systems and processes, product strategy, and team building.


Travis brings a lot of experience and great thinking to Teamable. I work with him on company and product strategy and how we can get better feedback from our customers. His coaching of the product team has helped them grow immensely, take on new responsibilities, and interact better with our engineering team. It is also good to have another perspective on where we can hire to improve and accelerate growth.

Meruzh Danielyan - Teamable Co-Founder & COO

Travis is the rare individual who can be impactful at both micro and macro levels, and possesses a breadth and depth of experience in product, strategy, and design. During the first five minutes of an initial UI assessment of the Pandorabots platform, he proposed a simple onboarding change that increased conversion by 13%. Within five hours, he was up to speed on the chatbot industry and able to offer valuable insights coupled with invaluable outside and overall perspective, such that we continue to loop him in regularly on product and design considerations, both at a low and high level.

Lauren Kunze - Pandorabots CEO